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consider all the factors in your evaulation

Lowest price technically acceptable source selection process.

The lowest price technically acceptable source selection process is appropriate when best value is expected to result from selection of the technically acceptable proposal with the lowest evaluated price.

The problem is lowest price becomes a foregone conclusion and the technically acceptable part is often forgotten about, resulting in years of frustration in dealing with an inadequate service provider for the person in charge of managing the contract security provider. 

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Responsiveness: What separates us apart from our competitors is our customer service, intelligence driven workforce software and attention to detail. We protect what matters most. You and your organization.


At Strategic Security Corp. (SSC), a WBE, MBE, SDVOB founded in 2002 is a nationwide integrated solutions provider with:

7 regional offices, 56 branch offices and over 3,500 employees specializing in: 
  • Guard Services,
  • Emergency Response,
  • Executive Protection,
  • Integrated Technology,
  • AI and
  • Temporary Life Support Facilities. 
SSC protects in excess of 1,972,000 man-hours a year and assists organizations proactively by anticipating and managing risk which can transform workplace issues, such as employee safety, operational risk and emergency preparedness into opportunities for growth and improvement.
"Excellent preparation, outstanding execution and best of all, an uneventful outcome as far as all stakeholders concerned. This just doesn't happen as we all know. It takes good people doing what they need to do to ensure we're all on target."

CHUCK GLAZERMAN, Associate Director of Security
Proctor and Gamble

"With expert driving of their team and the choreographed precision of one vehicle blocking side streets for the other vehicle, we were able to move around the clogged city streets in no time at all."

RICHARD KOHLBERGER, Senior Vice President
United States Tobacco